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Sean Fischer Resume


Dynamic and innovative Multidisciplinary Designer and Technologist, Sean Fischer, brings a wealth of experience at the intersection of digital and physical media to craft captivating multimedia experiences. With a rich background spanning videography, photography, event/media production, web, motion, and graphic design, I excel in creating immersive content across various mediums. My expertise extends into event management, brand strategy, customer management, marketing, and AI, showcasing a unique blend of creative and technical prowess.

As a visionary futurist, I am deeply passionate about solving complex problems efficiently, constantly exploring new technological breakthroughs to stay ahead of the curve. My communication skills are honed to lead design and development teams globally, fostering effective and harmonious workspaces that value diverse perspectives and collaborative effort. My approach is rooted in the belief that while traditional solutions are vital, embracing new technology for purposeful and elegant design is crucial in future-proofing projects and providing unmatched support to clients.


Director of Events and Marketing
Pier 57 Miners Landing, Seattle, WA
Jan 2023 – Present
Role Overview:

As the Director of Events and Marketing at Pier 57 Miners Landing, a premier entertainment and event venue in Seattle, I play a pivotal role in elevating the venue’s profile and enhancing guest experiences. My responsibilities encompass strategic planning and partnerships, design, marketing, and the comprehensive management of events. I focus on integrating innovative technologies and creative strategies to revolutionize the event execution and marketing approach, thereby reinforcing Pier 57’s status as a leading destination for memorable events.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Strategic Event Planning and Management: Oversee the planning and execution of diverse events, ensuring each event is a testament to Pier 57's commitment to excellence. This involves detailed coordination from concept to completion, encompassing logistics, vendor management, and on-site execution.
  • Marketing Strategy and Brand Development: Develop and implement robust marketing strategies to enhance Pier 57's brand visibility and audience reach. This includes digital marketing, social media campaigns, and the development of the website, which serves as a central hub for event information and customer engagement.
  • Technology Integration in Event Execution: Utilize advanced event management software and technology to streamline event planning processes and elevate guest experiences. This includes deploying innovative solutions for event interaction and management, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for all attendees.
  • Team Leadership and Collaboration: Lead and inspire a team of professionals, fostering a collaborative environment that encourages creativity and efficiency. Work closely with various stakeholders to ensure alignment of vision and execution.
  • Operational Excellence and Process Improvement: Establish and refine operational workflows and standard operating procedures to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in event management and marketing functions.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Maintain a strong focus on customer satisfaction, ensuring every guest interaction reflects the high standards of Pier 57. This includes managing feedback mechanisms and continuously seeking ways to enhance the customer experience.
  • Brand and Event Promotion: Spearhead initiatives to increase brand recognition, leveraging a mix of traditional and digital marketing channels. This includes crafting compelling narratives and engaging content that resonates with target audiences.
  • Significantly increased brand recognition and customer engagement for Pier 57 through targeted marketing campaigns and innovative event management strategies.
  • Designed and developed website, enhancing online presence and customer interaction.
  • Streamlined event management processes utilizing AI, resulting in improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Co-Founder & Event Director
Duck Brunch, Seattle, WA
Feb 2022 – Present
Role Overview:

As the Co-Founder and Event Director of Duck Brunch, we pioneered a unique monthly Saturday brunch event that has become a hallmark of Seattle's arts and nightlife community with the unique spin on daytime events. Embracing the eclectic and whimsical, Duck Brunch combines food, music, and celebration in a creatively themed, inclusive environment. My role involves collaborating with my co-founder and leading our volunteer team of 8 to orchestrate every facet of these events, from conceptualization to execution, ensuring each gathering is an unforgettable experience that delights and unites attendees.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Event Conceptualization and Theming: Innovate and develop engaging themes for each event, transforming the conventional brunch into an immersive and playful experience centered around the iconic rubber duck. Themes are designed to spark creativity and encourage guest interaction, making each event a unique adventure.
  • Talent Curation and Music Direction: Carefully select and showcase a diverse range of local and out-of-state talent, focusing on electronic house music and its sub-genres. This includes managing the "Open Ducks" initiative, offering a platform for emerging DJs to perform and gain exposure.
  • Community Engagement and Inclusivity: Foster a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere that celebrates diversity and encourages guests from all walks of life to connect, express themselves, and enjoy the fusion of brunch, music, and unique activities.
  • Activity and Experience Design: Create and oversee a variety of 'quacktivities' and interactive experiences, including customizing rubber ducks, outdoor games, and themed contests, enhancing guest participation and enjoyment.
  • Culinary Partnership Coordination: Collaborate with local chefs, restaurants, and food trucks to offer a diverse and tantalizing menu, showcasing Seattle's vibrant culinary scene and supporting local businesses.
  • Branding and Web Development: Creation of branding, merch and website.
  • Marketing and Brand Development: Develop and implement marketing strategies to promote Duck Brunch, leveraging social media and digital platforms to grow the event's reach and reputation.
  • Operational Management: Oversee the logistical aspects of event planning, including venue selection, vendor management, budgeting, and team coordination, ensuring smooth and successful event execution.
  • Customer Experience Enhancement: Continuously innovate and refine the Duck Brunch experience, incorporating guest feedback and industry trends to maintain the event's standing as a unique, must-attend gathering in Seattle.
  • Successfully established Duck Brunch as a staple event in Seattle’s cultural calendar, attracting a growing and diverse audience each month.
  • Fostered a creative community, providing a platform for artists, musicians, and culinary talents to showcase their work.
  • Received acclaim for unique event theming and exceptional guest experiences, contributing to the vibrant cultural fabric of Seattle. Featured in Seattle Times and Dance Music NW.
Owner and Creative Director
PlampHaus, Seattle, WA
Oct 2020 – Present
Role Overview:

As the Owner and Creative Director of PlampHaus, I established and have been successfully leading a live streaming and media production company that specializes in crafting bespoke audio-visual experiences. My role encompasses the strategic vision, operational management, and creative direction of the company, with a particular focus on serving the electronic music community. I leverage cutting-edge technology and innovative design principles to produce content that resonates with a global audience.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Visionary Leadership and Strategic Direction: Set the strategic direction for the company, focusing on growth opportunities, industry trends, and client needs to position PlampHaus as a leader in live streaming and media production.
  • Creative Production and Direction: Oversee the production of live-streamed events and pre-recorded sets, ensuring each project aligns with client objectives and exceeds expectations. This involves conceptualizing and executing unique visual and audio experiences.
  • Technological Innovation: Utilize the latest technologies in live streaming and media production, including audio-reactive visuals, multiple camera setups, and real-time visual manipulation, to create dynamic and immersive experiences.
  • Client Relationship Management: Cultivate and maintain relationships with clients, understanding their needs and delivering customized solutions that align with their vision and brand.
  • Team Leadership and Talent Management: Led several teams of professionals, fostering a culture of creativity and excellence. Manage talent acquisition and coordination based on project scale and requirements.
  • Operational Management: Handle all aspects of business operations, including budgeting, equipment procurement, studio management, and ensuring the highest production standards.
  • Marketing and Brand Development: Develop and execute marketing strategies to promote PlampHaus's services, enhancing the company’s visibility and reputation in the industry.
  • Successfully established PlampHaus as a renowned live streaming studio, recognized for its innovative approach and high-quality production values.
  • Produced over 500 hours of live-streamed events, reaching a global audience of 200,000+ viewers, demonstrating expertise in engaging diverse audiences.
  • Developed and maintained a state-of-the-art studio space, offering clients a unique and versatile environment for content creation.
  • Pioneered the use of advanced streaming technologies and custom visuals, setting new industry standards for live event production.
  • Developed a on-site event production branch that is commonly hired for events at nightclubs throughout Seattle, Bellingham, and San Francisco.
Founder and Principal Consultant
Divergent Design Studio, Seattle, WA
Oct 2013 – Present
Role Overview:

As the Founder and Principal Consultant of Divergent Design Studio, I spearhead a forward-thinking web and branding firm that has evolved into a cutting-edge AI and design consultancy. My role encompasses strategic leadership, innovation in AI integration, and delivering high-impact digital design solutions. I have successfully positioned Divergent Design Studio at the intersection of technology and design, catering to a diverse client base with bespoke AI strategies and digital designs that resonate with their brand narratives.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Strategic Business Leadership: Define and execute the strategic vision for the studio, steering its growth and evolution from a web design firm to an AI-centric design consultancy.
  • Innovation in AI and Digital Design: Pioneer the integration of AI into design processes, enhancing efficiency, creativity, and innovation in client solutions. Develop and implement custom AI tech stacks that align with client objectives and brand stories.
  • Client Consultation and Relationship Management: Lead client interactions, providing expert consultancy in AI strategy and digital design. Understand client needs and develop personalized solutions that elevate their digital presence.
  • Project Management and Creative Direction: Oversee project lifecycle from conception to delivery, ensuring that all design solutions are user-centric, aesthetically appealing, and technically sound.
  • Team Leadership and Talent Development: Cultivate a collaborative and innovative work environment. Recruit, mentor, and lead a team of designers and developers, fostering their professional growth and alignment with studio goals.
  • Operational Excellence: Manage studio operations, including client acquisition, budgeting, resource allocation, and maintaining high standards of service delivery.
  • Marketing and Brand Advocacy: Champion the studio’s brand, developing marketing strategies that showcase our unique value proposition in AI and design consultancy.
  • Successfully transitioned the studio from traditional web design to a niche in AI and design consultancy, significantly expanding the client base and service offerings.
  • Delivered numerous high-impact digital design projects, integrating AI to optimize workflows and enhance user experiences, receiving high praise from customers for innovation and design excellence.
  • Established a reputation for delivering tailored AI solutions, positioning Divergent Design Studio as a sought-after consultancy in the intersection of AI and design.
Lead UI/UX Designer
3Discovered, Remote
Sep 2016 – Sep 2019
Role Overview:

As the Lead UI/UX Designer at 3Discovered, I played a pivotal role in shaping the user experience and interface design for a tech startup specializing in 3D printing solutions. My responsibilities spanned the spectrum of UI/UX design, from conceptualization to execution, ensuring an intuitive and engaging user interface that aligned with the company's innovative services.

Key Responsibilities:
  • UI/UX Design Leadership: Spearheaded the design of intuitive, user-centric interfaces for web applications, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. Focused on creating seamless and visually appealing designs that simplified complex processes.
  • Brand and Visual Identity Management: Developed and maintained the design system for the entire company, ensuring consistency and cohesiveness in visual branding across various platforms and touchpoints.
  • Cross-Functional Team Collaboration: Worked closely with the design and development teams to translate design concepts into functional user experiences. Acted as a liaison between technical and creative teams, facilitating effective communication and collaboration.
  • Project Management: Managed multiple UI/UX projects simultaneously, overseeing the entire design process from wireframing to final deployment. Ensured timely delivery while maintaining high standards of design quality.
  • Investor and Client Presentations: Played a key role in presenting the product to investors and potential clients, effectively communicating the value proposition and user experience strategy. Contributed to securing significant funding and client acquisitions through compelling presentations.
  • Research and User Testing: Conducted extensive user research and testing to gather insights and feedback, driving continuous improvement in UI/UX design and functionality.
  • Instrumental in securing $2M in additional funding and acquiring two major customers through persuasive and impactful design presentations.
  • Led a successful transition to a remote team of six developers, utilizing project management software to increase productivity and streamline the feature release schedule.
  • Significantly enhanced the user experience of the company's web application, resulting in increased user engagement and customer satisfaction.
Design Director
TrainNow.Net, Remote
Nov 2009 – 2016
Role Overview:

As Design Director at TrainNow.Net, I steered the creative and operational aspects of designing online training courses for a variety of high-profile clients, including a major project for Coca Cola Enterprises. My role was essential in defining both the visual and user experience aspects of our learning management systems (LMS), specializing in creating interactive and engaging e-learning content that was not only educational but also engaging and user-friendly.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Client Project Management: Spearheaded and executed comprehensive online training development projects, particularly noted for a significant initiative for Coca Cola Enterprises.
  • Instructional Design for Coca Cola Enterprises: Partnered with senior leadership at Coca Cola to develop a roadmap for online safety training courses, translating the company's specific needs into effective e-learning solutions.
  • Creative Leadership and Design Direction: Oversaw UI/UX design, graphics, and overall visual direction, ensuring alignment with client needs and learning objectives. Maintained a focus on enhancing learner engagement and knowledge retention.
  • Multimedia Content Production: Directed the production of diverse multimedia elements, including videos and interactive modules, tailored for client-specific projects like Coca Cola.
  • On-Site Content Capture: Managed on-site shoots at various Coca Cola locations, capturing authentic footage and images to ensure course content was relevant and aligned with the company's operations.
  • E-Learning Development and Implementation: Supervised the assembly and deployment of online courses on various LMS platforms, emphasizing functionality and accessibility, particularly for Coca Cola’s workforce.
  • Team Leadership and Collaboration: Led a team of designers and developers in a collaborative environment, producing high-quality training content and aligning training materials with client standards and objectives.
  • Quality Assurance and Innovation: Collaborated with development teams for QA and debugging, ensuring a seamless user experience and integrating new design and technology trends to keep content fresh and effective.
  • Delivered comprehensive and engaging online safety training courses for Coca Cola Enterprises, markedly enhancing the company's training capabilities and employee engagement.
  • Recognized for my ability to manage and deliver customized, large-scale e-learning solutions, establishing TrainNow.Net as a preferred training provider for Fortune 500 companies.
  • Innovated in the use of multimedia and interactive elements in training courses, significantly improving user engagement and learning outcomes.
GFX Artist, Photoshop Compositor
Dakota Pictures, Hollywood, CA
Apr 2013 – Apr 2014
Role Overview

In my role as a GFX (Graphics) Artist at Dakota Pictures, a well-established TV and film production company, I was instrumental in creating visual content for the acclaimed Netflix series "Arrested Development." My responsibilities encompassed a broad spectrum of graphic design tasks, tailored to meet the fast-paced and dynamic demands of the television and film industry.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Graphic Design and Composition: Created a wide range of graphic compositions and visual elements for use in TV series episodes. This included conceptualizing and executing designs that aligned with the narrative and aesthetic requirements of the productions.
  • Asset Management and Procurement: Efficiently sourced and acquired design assets while adhering to budget constraints. Managed a diverse library of visual resources, ensuring their timely and effective utilization in production.
  • Collaborative Teamwork: Worked closely with production teams, directors, and other artists, contributing to the collective creative process. Adapted to varying stylistic demands and rapidly changing project needs.
  • Remote Workflow Efficiency: Demonstrated proficiency in remote work environments, effectively communicating and delivering assets to teams located in different geographic areas.
  • Technical Proficiency: Utilized advanced software tools such as Adobe Photoshop to create high-quality graphic elements. Kept abreast of the latest trends and techniques in graphic design to enhance the visual appeal of productions.
  • Played a key role in the graphic production of "Arrested Development," contributing to the series' visual storytelling and overall success on Netflix.
  • Recognized for the ability to deliver high-quality work under tight deadlines, often exceeding production expectations.
  • Contributed to the creation of memorable visual elements that enhanced the viewer's experience and engagement with the content.


  • AI and Technological Integration: Possessing in-depth knowledge in integrating Artificial Intelligence and other advanced technologies into various business domains and creative workflows. Demonstrated success in leveraging these technologies to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and significantly improve the outcomes of creative projects.
  • Multidisciplinary Design Expertise: Highly skilled in an extensive range of design disciplines, including but not limited to videography, photography, web, motion, and graphic design. My expertise enables the creation of diverse and innovative multimedia content, catering to a broad spectrum of audience preferences and industry needs.
  • Global Team Leadership: Exceptional at leading and motivating teams across diverse geographical locations. My leadership style fosters a collaborative and inclusive work environment, driving teams towards shared goals and maintaining high morale.
  • Event Management and Production: Proficient in the end-to-end management of events, renowned for executing successful event strategies that substantially boost brand recognition. My approach encompasses meticulous planning, coordination, and execution, ensuring memorable and impactful events.
  • Brand Strategy and Marketing: Expert in devising and implementing comprehensive marketing strategies that significantly enhance brand visibility and engage customers. My strategies span both digital and traditional marketing channels, focusing on creating a cohesive brand image and strong customer connections.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Experienced in cultivating and maintaining robust customer relationships, ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction through personalized service and solutions. My approach centers on understanding customer needs and delivering beyond expectations.
  • Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving: Adept at strategic planning and problem-solving, with a proven ability to identify challenges and develop effective solutions. Proactive in adapting strategies to align with evolving business environments and project requirements.
  • User Experience Design: Deep understanding of user experience (UX) principles, committed to ensuring that all projects deliver optimal user interfaces and interactions. My designs are user-centric, focusing on usability, accessibility, and overall user satisfaction.
  • Digital Marketing and SEO: Proficient in a range of digital marketing techniques, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to maximize online presence and effectively reach target audiences. My expertise includes developing and executing SEO strategies that enhance website visibility and drive organic traffic.


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Design and Visual Communications
University of Washington School of Art - Design | 2012

Virtual Reality Design and Development
Udacity | 2018 - 2019

Associates of Arts, Graphic Design
Seattle Central Creative Academy | 2006 - 2009

Photography, Videography, Photojournalism Study
Brooks Institute of Photography | 2004 - 2006

High School Diploma
Bainbridge Island High School | 2001 - 2004
Active in Newspaper, Annual, Photography, Student Body Government